We think our products and processes already say enough about our attitude to the environment, but our web designers say we should say a bit more about why we are making Sheep Poo Paper™ and what our philosophy is all about, so here goes:

When we started out we sited the paper mill in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the southern reaches of Snowdonia National Park, only 3 miles north from the world famous Centre for Alternative Technology. We want it to stay that beautiful for many more generations to come, and when we left Twll Golau in March 2012 after 6 years we were delighted to have the site signed off by our lovely landlord and The Environment Agency so we can move on and look for the place where we will make our home for the next few years.

The non-craft papermaking industry is notoriously intensive in its use of resources, destroying vast areas of forest every day and with staggering energy requirements (Paper Industry Fact: large paper factories often have to give advance notice to their national electricity grid networks before they can switch on their pulping machinery! Not surprising when you think about how much power it would take to chew up and spit out a forest or two every day). They also have a bad habit of using very large amounts of chemicals and other environmentally contaminating nasties in their processing – this is because trees are bound together by a tough chemical called Lignin, which is very, very (and very) hard to remove.

Creative Paper Wales (and Sheep Poo Paper™) is all about rejecting established thinking about what is possible or sensible and then transforming that impulse into action and actually doing something differently. We are setting out to upset conventions and trying to see the world and its possibilities in a new and more sustainable way.

Of course  its also been a lot of fun making SheepPooPaper™ - Sometimes it can feel like the best job on the planet!

If you would prefer to read our environmental policy in its full (but slightly formal) glory please click here.

We don’t think we’ve solved it all yet though and we continue to examine ways and means to upgrade and improve our environmental position and impact.

Wales, where we live and work - jealous?
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